When it comes to paying employees, laws and the IRS have made the payroll function a time-consuming nightmare for the small business owners. Small business owners spend an average of 8 hours a month performing payroll functions. That is 12 full days a year that could be spent generating sales, prospecting new business opportunities, improving productions or services, or servicing customers. We offer payroll solutions that meet your business needs and enable you to spend time doing what you do best-running your business.


Why outsource payroll:

1.    It's cost-effective

2.    It’s a time saver

3.    Worry-Free Payroll Tax Filing

4.    Allows you to focus on core competencies

5.    Comprehensive Reports


Get the Payroll Services that Best Fits Your Needs


We know that when it comes to payroll services-no one size fits all That’s why we offer the following 4 custom payroll processing options.


1.    Comprehensive Payroll Services

2.    After-the-Fact Payroll Services

3.    Online Payroll Processing

4.    Custom Payroll Report Services


How much do we charge? We would need to get to know a little more about your business.

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